The Art Pavilion, Mile End Park, Clinton Road, London

28 April - 08 May 2022

Material Conversations is a collage of artworks inspired by human senses and the environment. The project explores how we use our senses to explore the world around us and how our senses blend together to form a rich multisensory experience.

The artworks are inspired by a multisensory art and storytelling workshop with blind and partially sighted east London residents which explored the senses of touch, sound, smell, and temperature. Through this work we encourage visitors to touch, feel, and explore the art and fully immerse in the environment.

As artists we are visually centric and often don't think about touch as a way of interacting with art work. It would be a real pleasure for me to inspire people to explore art and the wider world through the sense of touch.

Caroline Wright, Artist

As a researcher, it has been wonderful to observe the symbiosis between different senses. I'm keen to explore how we can harness the power of technology to support disabled people's participation in art and creative work.

Maryam Bandukda, Researcher

Experience the Material Conversations Exhibition Walkthrough in Audio

Listen to the Sensory Park Trail of Mile End Park


Material Conversations will be part of the free ten-day exhibition at The Art Pavillion, Mile End park from 28 April to 08 May 2022. More information is available on the Trellis website: